Market Forces to Make 2017 Year of Cloud Adoption

Writing in Manufacturing Business Technology, Lisa Pope offers 12 reasons why 2017 is shaping up to be the year of Cloud adoption.  She notes that Cloud deployment is the “must-have” starting place for new technologies. Plus, it provides the agility necessary for businesses to remain competitive.

She points to these and other factors that will combine to drive Cloud deployment…

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How Secure is Your IP Phone System?

With the growing popularity of Voice-over-IP, phone hacking continues to evolve, costing businesses billions of dollars annually in lost productivity and higher phone bills. That’s because Internet technologies, including premises and cloud voice systems, suffer from a growing list of Internet-related security vulnerabilities, offering hackers a variety of new attack vectors.

Since an IP Phone system typically shares the same data network as other IT systems, a breach of the phone system can lead to a breach of other IT systems as well. There are many variations of the attacks that can be launched against VoIP phone systems to inflict damage on businesses. Continue reading

Impact of Leaked CIA Documents on Businesses

The recent leak of 8,000 pages of CIA documents has exposed the tools and methods used by the agency to surveil and capture information from smartphones, TVs, routers and other devices. Aside from the obvious national security implications of this leak, its impact on businesses of all types and sizes could be enormous if IT departments do not pay close attention.

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Big Gap Between Cyber Security Perception & Reality

A recently released study by Arctic Wolf Networks, “The State of Mid-Market Cyber Security: Findings and Implications,” reveals that major gaps exist among IT professionals between the perception and reality of cyber security challenges.

The survey found that IT professionals at smaller companies had very high confidence in their cyber security defenses, but in reality they struggled to defend against malicious activity that has become more sophisticated, more targeted and severe.

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SMBs Set to Embrace More Technology in 2017

A recent report from CompTIA indicates that SMBs are ready to spend big on technology this year, even when it’s not clear whether their business goals are being met after implementation.

Of 600 businesses surveyed, only 16% believe they are getting an excellent return on their tech investments. While 44% claim good ROI, another 40% characterized their results as “just okay” or “disappointing.” Continue reading

Sandboxing Digs Out Malware Infected Email

Organizations are facing an onslaught of new security challenges and are busy deploying tools to tighten up their networks against hack attacks. Despite these efforts, email remains a highly successful attack vector for cyber criminals because it’s still too easy for employees to fall victim to social engineering ploys that can result in catastrophic data breaches. In the face of this formidable threat, what can be done?

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How to Stay Connected When the Snow Hits

Providing employees with the ability to work remotely – with full access to their desktop voice and data and applications – has become an essential element of business continuity, especially in our area, where a winter snow blast can suddenly force streets and buildings to close, potentially putting your business on hold.

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Great Reasons to Explore Hybrid & Cloud Computing

    Growth in the Cloud computing market is being driven by the need of companies to power their core business systems in addition to their customer-facing applications. Organizations that have not yet explored hybrid and Cloud computing now have ample incentive to do so, or risk being left behind by their competitors.

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