Keep an Eye on Your Business with Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance technology costs have dropped to the point where even the smallest businesses can afford to implement premises security to safeguard their people and property.

The latest systems can be integrated into any existing wired or wireless business network.  Easy-to-use administration tools allow cameras to be easily viewed and managed from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. Continue reading

Malware Attack Leverages Stolen Admin Credentials

Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) has become aware of an emerging campaign, occurring since at least May 2016, that uses multiple malware implants to compromise IT systems and access data. Among the victims of this attack are organizations in the Information Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Communications, and Manufacturing sectors.
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Market Forces to Make 2017 Year of Cloud Adoption

Writing in Manufacturing Business Technology, Lisa Pope offers 12 reasons why 2017 is shaping up to be the year of Cloud adoption.  She notes that Cloud deployment is the “must-have” starting place for new technologies. Plus, it provides the agility necessary for businesses to remain competitive.

She points to these and other factors that will combine to drive Cloud deployment…

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How Secure is Your IP Phone System?

With the growing popularity of Voice-over-IP, phone hacking continues to evolve, costing businesses billions of dollars annually in lost productivity and higher phone bills. That’s because Internet technologies, including premises and cloud voice systems, suffer from a growing list of Internet-related security vulnerabilities, offering hackers a variety of new attack vectors.

Since an IP Phone system typically shares the same data network as other IT systems, a breach of the phone system can lead to a breach of other IT systems as well. There are many variations of the attacks that can be launched against VoIP phone systems to inflict damage on businesses. Continue reading

Impact of Leaked CIA Documents on Businesses

The recent leak of 8,000 pages of CIA documents has exposed the tools and methods used by the agency to surveil and capture information from smartphones, TVs, routers and other devices. Aside from the obvious national security implications of this leak, its impact on businesses of all types and sizes could be enormous if IT departments do not pay close attention.

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