Thinking About How Your Company Can Exploit IoT?

The global installed base of IoT endpoints is expected to grow to 30 billion by 2020, so we’ll all be dealing with the IoT at some point. Much of the IoT planning concerns our clients face center on how to manage, monitor and secure this new environment.

The situation calls for a comprehensive management solution that DataLink’s partner VMware is offering. Pulse IoT Center allows businesses to:

Simplify the complexities of managing connected “things” including:

  • Easily on-board, manage, monitor and secure diverse IoT edge systems, connected devices and applications from a single console.
  • Define and track what, where and when things are updated over the air (OTA) or changed – with a flexible rules engine.

Access accurate and real-time thing health and provide the ability to act on anomalies before they arise including:

  • Real-time infrastructure analytics and real-time monitoring.
  • Ability to visualize all edge systems, connected devices and their relationships (i.e., status, location, dependencies).

Secure IoT infrastructure across things, edge, network and applications, including the ability to:

  • Minimize data exposed by creating a tunnel from data point to application and implement an enterprise wipe of data from devices at any time if they are exposed to security threats.
  • Maintain up-to-date firmware and security patches and upgrade software OTA via an integrated policy engine.

Streamline and accelerate how IoT gets deployed and scaled to:

  • Simplify the deployment of an IoT with one management tool for all devices, while speeding time to value with a simple way to onboard devices and update them over time.
  • Dynamically deliver the right information to the right thing at the right time – from edge to cloud with software lifecycle management.

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