Market Forces to Make 2017 Year of Cloud Adoption

Writing in Manufacturing Business Technology, Lisa Pope offers 12 reasons why 2017 is shaping up to be the year of Cloud adoption.  She notes that Cloud deployment is the “must-have” starting place for new technologies. Plus, it provides the agility necessary for businesses to remain competitive.

She points to these and other factors that will combine to drive Cloud deployment…

  1. Overcoming Reluctance – Early objections from veteran IT directors are giving way to a better understanding of Cloud benefits and acknowledgment that change is critical to growth.    
  2. Early Adopters Have Paved the Way ­– Case studies and best-practice models produced by early adopters have produced excellent data that is hard to dismiss.
  3. Growth Focused – Cloud deployment is fast and easy… taking months, not years… all without the hassle of purchasing and setting up servers, hardware and security.
  4. Flexible Scale and Scope – Expansion is remarkably easy with the Cloud. Scalability and flexibility are built into the solution.
  5. Go Digital – Cloud deployment also makes it possible to modernize the entire IT system, without incurring large capital expenses.
  6. Elasticity and Capacity – Businesses are finding that as they incorporate the disruptive technologies of digitalization, it also makes sense to move their core solutions to the Cloud. One supports the other.

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